Mohlomi expressed her relief and alleged that Kula was a threat to his children’s lives, claiming he once tried to kill them, reported News24.

“I am happy that he was denied bail. He is a dangerous man. He ill-treated his wife and children. His children’s lives were at risk.

“He threatened to drive his car carrying his children off a bridge, killing himself and [them],” the report quoted Mohlomi as saying.

She alleged that Kula had a history of violence and should remain in jail until the case was finalised, the report said.

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During the bail judgment, it was argued that Kula was a possible flight risk and likely to tamper with evidence, influence or intimidate witnesses, reported The Citizen.

The state pleaded with the court not to grant him bail, arguing there were no compelling circumstances for his release from jail and Kula being charged with premeditated murder, said the report.

Meanwhile, the defence argued that Kula was a breadwinner taking care of several members of his family, the report said.

According to OFM, the defence team will also be making an application for the matter to be transferred to a higher court due to its serious nature.

The report said the case will be back in court on February 24.

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Compiled by Olwethu Mpeshe