Speed dial

More than 3 000 women leaders of farming co-operatives in Rwanda are being furnished with smartphones so they are... Read more
6 Apr, 2021

Amped up

A 13 km high-voltage power line being built in Zimbabwe is the last link needed to bring the US$10... Read more
6 Apr, 2021

Brave new world

Small and medium-sized businesses in Ghana that are struggling to adapt to an online post-COVID market are being given... Read more
6 Apr, 2021

Upward bound

As travellers return to the air thanks to the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines, a new airline is planning to... Read more
30 Mar, 2021

Wild idea

The endangered black rhino will be given a chance at survival through the issuing of a green bond whose... Read more
30 Mar, 2021

On tap

An estimated 222 000 people in Niger are expected to benefit from the commissioning this month of the Goudel... Read more
30 Mar, 2021

End of life

In Nigeria, lithium-ion batteries used to power thousands of solar home systems will be recycled locally. Bloomberg reports that... Read more
23 Mar, 2021

Cash flow

Drawing money from ATMs in Kigali, Rwanda, is set to become more secure with the introduction of high-tech cash... Read more
23 Mar, 2021

Easy does it

Scientists at Uganda’s oldest public university have developed a rapid antibody test to help in the fight against the... Read more
23 Mar, 2021

In the works

Zimbabwe has announced that the development of an iron-ore mine and a carbon steel plant will begin in May.... Read more
16 Mar, 2021